4 suggestions for eating well

"Diet culture tells us that certain foods are good and others are bad, and unlearning that is really important," Donley adds. As you soften your diet, eat what you want without shame.

Be kind to yourself if your desires start with "doughnuts!" Consume the doughnuts and remember food has no morality. 

"If you've been dieting for years, it might be hard to feel body cues like hunger and fullness," Singh adds. "It's important to approach this with curiosity." Don't feel bad if you're full after a meal. 

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Take it as a lesson experience and slow down or check your stomach every few minutes during your next meal. Enjoy each meal deliberately rather than eating quickly because it can take time for your brain to register that your stomach is full.

To completely embrace a non-diet approach and eat what feels good, accept and enjoy your body instead of trying to modify it.

Given our culture's obsession with thinness and fat people's discrimination and oppression, Singh argues, body acceptance may seem impossible, but you can start by appreciating your body.

For my own strawberry treat, I choose to make up my own recipe.  

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