7 Delicious Healthy Slow Cooker Soups

On low, this hearty slow cooker chili may cook for 10 hours. I love coming home to its beautiful scent after a long day.

This creamy soup can be topped with anything I like, so I can have it several days in a row without repeating it. While fresh onions and celery can be used, dried ones are easier to prepare on weekday mornings.

It's amazing how few elements can change things. This dish is ideal for hectic weeknights with finely diced rotisserie chicken, but you can leave it out. 

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Ginger—my favorite spice—was my comforting, nutritious ingredient. This recipe was a must-try for me and impressed.

I like creamy soups but not the fat. This healthier soup's silky texture feels rich and the spicy spice warms you quickly.

I wanted a chili-like soup with General Tso's chicken flavors because I love Asian food. The slow cooker makes this easy, and any meat works. Perfect with turkey, ground meats, or leftover pork.

Despite the chaos of small children, I never compromise on cooking. The slow cooker makes this healthful dish easy!

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