7 things to avoid in 2024

Babych cautions against letting things happen with Saturn in Pisces in 2024."Seek expert aid if you suspect anything. This notably pertains to mental health. 

Planet of transformation Pluto leaves Capricorn on January 20 as we approach a new global order. A turn toward the future, innovation, and dramatic change.

Mercury will retrograde April 1–25, August 5–28, and November 26–December 15 in 2024. The astrologer advises against making big purchases or traveling during these times due to the chance of blunders or delays. 

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Saturn, according to Babych, is a serious planet that may confront these regions in Pisces. Saturn also affects drug and alcohol addictions. These can harm job, life, relationships, and health  "expert added.

Babych stresses that classical Western astrology does not forbid marriage in leap years, despite popular belief. She advises against getting married from September 23 to October 17 when Venus is in Scorpio, a volatile time for couples.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be in Gemini in the second half of the year, improving communication and social relations. Babych recommends starting a social media business or online presence now.

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