The Only Two Ingredients for Homemade Burrata Cheese

Cheese enthusiasts appreciate fresh, thick, creamy burrata at Italian restaurants and other high-end establishments. Few foodies realize they can make this delightful dessert at home with cheese curds and heavy cream. 

You can buy fresh cow's milk cheese curds online, at specialty food stores, or at dairies to create burrata. The time and energy of using rennet or other coagulants to produce cheese at home is saved. Heavy cream can be used alone. 

The method involves water and salt, however not ingredients. You can use cheesemaking salts or any non-iodized salt like kosher or sea salt. 

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After gathering your ingredients, just mix the curds with boiling, salted water in a basin using a spoon or your hands to soften. Replace cooling water with new, hot, salted water until a silky, supple texture develops. 

Stracciatella, the burrata filling, is made by breaking the cheese and immersing it in heavy cream. Repeating the first stages (up to tearing) creates the mozzarella shell that holds the filling.

Burrata (or its components of fresh mozzarella and stracciatella) can be refrigerated for five days, but it tastes and feels finest fresh.

Although appetizing, canned soup sometimes has high salt levels that increase the risk of high blood pressure. Hypertension is a major cause of heart disease and stroke.

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