7 low-maintenance dog breeds for busy people

Wire-haired Dachshunds need regular grooming, whereas long-haired ones demand a lot of work. Short coats need only a weekly brushing to remove extra hair. This makes them a near-perfect low-maintenance breed.

French Bulldogs are clean unless they're leaping in puddles and filth. Brushing their short, fine fur is easy because it doesn't mat. They shed, but their hair type makes it easy to manage.

Chihuahuas are delightful to walk in parks or around the block and need 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, split over two or three walks. They're easy to brush weekly, taking only a few minutes.

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Due to their controversial racing use, Greyhounds may seem always on the go. Quite contrary. They're not active and will enjoy a garden workout or brisk walk.

Cavaliers need regular grooming. Their coat mats easily, so brush it daily to avoid difficulties. Ear infections like ear canal inflammation are prevalent, thus you must care for them.

Manchester Terriers are easy to groom, requiring only a weekly brush of their short, smooth coat (sometimes less). Due of their cleanliness, they only need baths every three months. 

Basset Hounds are great if you want a lifestyle-friendly breed. Personal time is fine for them. They'll also go on adventures. It's part of their charm that they can be so laid back you think they'd rather you weren't disturbing them.

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