7 Most Loving Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers are the sweetest and most affectionate. Not including them first in this list is a mistake! They are good therapy dogs for a reason. They get along with everyone, including pets. 

Labradors, like Golden Retrievers, are affectionate. They greet everyone with slobbery kisses that may knock you over! They love to play and will exhaust you while claiming your bed. 

One of the sweetest breeds is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, with its ever-wagging tail. These affectionate little Spaniels bring joy to families, children, and other pets.

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Great Danes, gentle giants, may appear menacing due to their size. But it's one of the friendliest breeds. They also become friends with strangers, demonstrating their kindness and affection.

Pugs, with their lovely looks and loving disposition, are wonderful snuggle buddies who thrive on affection and offer more. These flat-faced charmers aren't the quietest, but they love snuggling in bed.

Despite its “Pitbull-type” image, the small and strong American Staffordshire Terrier is affectionate. Socialization and training make AmStaffs kind and sensitive, even if they don't like other dogs. 

The beautiful and talented hunting dog Vizsla is noted for its affection and closeness. They hate alone time and were bred to work with humans.

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