7 Slow Cooker Foods You Should Never Use

Beans are essential to many slow cooker soups and chilis. However, the FDA advises against cooking dried or raw beans in the slow cooker without first prepping them.

Avoid putting shellfish in your slow cooker for another reason than odor. Chef and recipe creator Jessica Randhawa says shellfish cooks quickly, unlike slow cookers. Slow cooking breaks down fragile oyster meat.

Flaky fish, including shellfish, don't slow cook properly. Fish can overcook and turn rubbery after several hours over low heat. Lindsey Chastain, founder of homesteading site The Waddle and Cluck, says boiling can dry out seafood.

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The USDA advises against slow-cooking frozen beef. "Always defrost meat or poultry before putting it in the slow cooker," warns the agency.

A couple of fiery chilies in your slow cooker may seem like a simple method to spice your cuisine, but it could backfire. 

A lot of recipes ask for milk or cream to make them creamier. Experts advise against using dairy in a slow cooker, and if you must, be careful with the amount and timing.

Wine is often used in cooktop and oven cooking. Although slow cooker recipes may call for wine, avoid it.

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