7 Teas to Avoid

Tea is frequently considered healthful, however many commercially made and bottled teas contain surprisingly high sugar levels, posing a serious health risk.

Instant teas like Crystal Light Sweet Tea Drink Mix, which just needs cold water, offer quick and easy preparation. Despite convenience, there are essential factors.

Comfrey tea has a long history as an injury cure. According to MedicineNet, it was used topically to treat wounds, fractures, and sprains for ages.

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Kava tea, often known as kava, is used in traditional traditions worldwide. Kava kava has been part of South Pacific social events for generations.

Licorice tea is popular for its taste and health advantages. Unlike other herbal teas, glycyrrhizin gives it a particular sweetness. This tea should be consumed moderately to minimize health problems.

Tea lovers love peppermint tea for its flavor and scent. However, its consequences, especially when ingested in excess, must be considered.

Lemon tea is popular for its zesty taste. A lesser-known risk is excessive lead, fluoride, and acidity, which can create health problems.

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