7 World's Smallest Rabbits

Some call Netherland Dwarf rabbits "Nethies." Most of these cute and small critters weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Nethies look babyish even as adults. 

Look no further than the Dwarf Hotot for the perfect pet rabbit. People love this breed for its friendliness and outgoingness. Even though the Dwarf Hotot weighs barely three pounds, their personality is strong.

Though named "Polish," this breed is actually English. The show rabbit world loves this little breed. The American Polish Rabit Club describes Polish rabbits as having "large, bold and expressive eyes," weighing up to three and a half pounds.

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If you want a rabbit but don't know what breed, the Jersey Wooley is perfect. This rabbit is ideal for first-time owners due to its laid-back nature. 

Ever wanted a living cotton ball? English Angoras are it! Grooming this fluffy, long-haired rabbit takes more effort than others on this list.

Walter Huey of Indiana bred the first Satin rabbit in 1934. He sent these bunnies to Harvard experts for genetic testing after being surprised by their fur. Researchers discovered that a genetic abnormality caused these rabbits' coats, creating a new breed.

As its name implies, the Lionhead rabbit is another long-haired variety with a lion-like mane! This breed needs more grooming than others because of this.

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