A Famous Italian Beekeeper Says Never Add Honey to a Hot Drink

Honey is a nutrient-rich superfood. Adding honey to hot drinks is a typical error. Honey is rich and delicate, and heat destroys it. The issue is temperature.

Hot dogs are highly processed foods that include maltodextrin, which can damage the stomach and intestines if eaten in excess. 

Hmf, a fructose dehydration product, indicates honey freshness and conservation. High temperatures cause honey to lose its organoleptic properties due to enzymatic degradation.

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Wait a few minutes before adding honey to tea or herbal tea to avoid "decay," says Poeta. This lets you experience the drink and sweetener's benefits. Honey is harmless in hot drinks; it just becomes "useless."

The only attribute that remains intact when honey is added to an extremely hot beverage is its sweetness. 

This is like store pasteurized honey, which is heated to 78 °C for a few seconds to remove all nutrients.

 Excess sugar and unnatural additives like petroleum-based colors can cause health issues and ADHD. A bag of Haribo Gummy Bears from Walmart may be cheap, but it's crucial to consider one's health.

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