Avoid These Zodiac Signs Based on Your Sign

Pisces in Aries. You're not the right match for the emotionally fragile Pisces since you're too grounded and sensible.  

Gemina, Taurus.  You can't stand Geminis since they're so scattered and noisy.  

Geminis will forever be "too much" for someone like you who needs regularity, predictability, and stability. 

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Cancer and Gemini. Although Virgos and Taurus have a lot in common, like a love of regularity and solitude, 

Virgos are more reserved when it comes to sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings,  

which can make them appear dull and uninteresting to those who are more outspoken. 

In contrast, Capricorns are not very attached and take their time to trust or get involved to someone. 

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