Blue Zoners rarely exercise or eat meat.

No foods are forbidden in Blue Zones. Instead, living conditions naturally encourage health. No counting ingredients or worrying about carbs, protein, and fat in a day's meals.

Yet Blue Zones residents rarely eat certain foods. Meats, dairy, and desserts heavy in saturated fats and sugars are rare.

Blue Zone residents traditionally consume meat five times a month. The pork is normally three to four ounces and smaller than an iPhone.

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Blue Zoners prefer sourdough bread over white yeasted slices and match minimal amounts of pasta and grains with fresh greens or beans.

"When you combine a grain and a bean, you get a whole protein," Buettner. Like meat, a plant-based meal can have all the important amino acids that help the body grow and repair itself, but "without the saturated fat, without the hormones," he said.

In addition to eating plant-based foods, Blue Zone residents value lifelong connections, move every 20 minutes, and live with purpose.

The most important thing is to make sure your dogs have a fun place to play.  

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