The 5 Most Demanding Zodiac Signs

People become increasingly high-maintenance or just me? You can't dispute that certain people need more TLC daily and especially during difficult times.

This applies to romantic and platonic relationships. These folks are high-maintenance because they require all your efforts and more. 

Cancers don't flow like water. They are the most sensitive, demanding, and emotionally exhausting zodiac sign. Cancers' ruling planet, the moon, causes sudden emotional swings.

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Aries will compete with you whether you want to or not. They are demanding like kids and dogs and require a lot of energy to entertain. 

You know that Leo who loves the spotlight? These signs' boasting can tire you. Leos are sociable, warm-hearted, and kind, yet they can be obnoxious when chasing their own success.

Being with Scorpios can be taxing. Perhaps the most secretive sign, they keep their valuables close to their chests.

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