Delicious weight-loss foods: Your must-haves

Beans provide protein and are cheap, hearty, and adaptable. They're high in fiber and digest slowly, keeping you satisfied longer and preventing overeating.

Starting your meal with soup may help you eat less. Any broth-based dish counts, thick or pureed. Skip milk and butter for 100–150-calorie soups.

Want chocolate between meals? Choose one or two tiny dark chocolate squares. In one study, dark chocolate users ate 15% less pizza several hours later than milk chocolate users.

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Protein-rich breakfasts may reduce daytime eating. A study of young obese women found that 35 grams of protein in the morning made them feel fuller. Women ate 350 calories of eggs and sausage for breakfast.

A tiny handful of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pecans is a quick snack. Studies demonstrate that snacking on nuts reduces meal portions.

Instead of juice or applesauce, try a crunchy apple with the peel. Fruit juices and sauces don't reduce hunger like whole fruits.

Greek or normal yogurt may help your waistline. Harvard studied approximately 120,000 people for a decade. Yogurt was the most weight-loss-related food.

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