Favorite Dog Breeds That Many Later Come to Regret

Labradors are incredibly low-maintenance dogs, especially when compared to other large breeds.  

The issue arises from the frequent portrayal of these dogs as the "perfect" dog, given their status as America's favorite breed.  

They act more like a cuddly plush animal than a real animal in the ads.  

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As with any dog, Labs shed hair, drool, eat kibble at an alarming rate, and create a plethora of filth. 

While that might be a benefit for households with young children, owners who were hoping for a quiet dog will be surprised by how active a teenage Lab can be. 

Their tendency to tug on leashes and jump up when stimulated is something that needs to be addressed with care and time. 

It should be clear from this list that border collies are included. Just about every dog on this list is a good dog. 

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