Hot Chocolate with Valentine's Candy Charcuterie Board

Boards with candies, charcuterie, and hot cocoa are currently trending.  

A lot more has come out of what began with meats and cheeses. 

Our team's charcuterie-themed posts on Two Kids and a Coupon have been well-received, and we're excited to share our new Valentine's Day board with you.  

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Celebrate Valentine's Day by cuddling up with the people who mean the most to you—be it a spouse, a child, or even the entire family.  

With a warm mug of cocoa and a sugary snack, it's impossible to do it wrong. 

Put together a delicious cocoa blend with your favorite sweets and make one for yourself and your sweetheart to share.  

Gather your supplies: mugs, marshmallows, candy, and hot chocolate. 

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