Practical dog training advice for yourself

Always end with something your dog understands to boost the session. Everyone likes a happy ending, right?

Clicker training helps dogs associate excellent behavior with rewards faster than high-value goodies and praise alone.

This will undo your dog training efforts. Toileting accidents, gnawing, and other harmful activities can be prevented using dog kennels. It should never be used to punish a dog after these. Remove a chewed slipper quietly, ignoring your pet. 

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Do not put treats in the crate and close the door behind your dog. Leave the door open the first few times your dog enters the crate willingly. Push the door close without locking it. Over a week or two of regular practice, slowly close the crate door.

Crate training your dog not going well? Everyone's been there. Make its container a nice den to make it feel safer and more secure. Cover with a towel or blanket, add a dog bed, and add some of the greatest dog toys. They'll feel at home. 

Got a barking dog? If this is due to poor behavior, count the barks you like and use a "thank you" cue to redirect your dog. When there are no outside distractions, do this.

Garnishing it with grilled chicken transforms it into a filling summertime dish. 

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