Italian Cookies Nonna Would Be Proud of

The rum, dark chocolate, and chestnut stuffing are all delicious. 

A mouthwatering blend of shortbread cookies, Amaretto liqueur, and chocolate, Italian chocolate salami is a well-known no-bake dessert in Italy. 

A tasty dessert that doubles as a thoughtful edible present for the holidays. 

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In Italy, this chocolate log is called salame di cioccolato because of its resemblance to salami. 

Baci di dama, which means "Lady's Kisses" in Italian, are a delicate treat that are sure to captivate you.  

The buttery crust and rich chocolate interior of these cookies create a delicious symphony that will make your mouth water. 

Just think of the deliciousness that will ensue from these powdered sugar-topped cookies—limoncello, lemons, and vanilla flavor these delightful little balls. 

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