Top 5 Hardest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

Four to six months of hard labor, perseverance, and heavy-duty carpet cleaners are needed to housetrain a puppy. Not all canines can perform their business outside on time.

Potty training smaller dogs is harder, according to a recent study. Some breeds are resistant or confused about their new home rules. 

The fluffy, silky, and pure white coat of Bichon Frises makes them a famously clean breed.

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Christman blames the Jack Russell Terrier's tremendous energy and short attention span for its potty training issues.

The AKC says Dachshunds are hard to teach. "They want affection and learn best with positive, reward-based training.

The AKC calls Pomeranians "alert" and "highly intelligent," saying they "excel in activities like agility, rally, obedience, or working as therapy dogs." They caution that "housebreaking can be a challenge, so consistency and patience are key."

Although you might be tempted, resist the urge to pet these stunning animals. With their razor-sharp claws 

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