Olivia Dunne's TikTok video has fans fretting over the LSU star's figure.

Athletes like Olivia Dunne make a living off of their bodies.  

As a gymnastics phenom and internet hit, Dunne is known for her exceptionally flexible and toned physique.  

According to several sources, the Tigers' icon is raking in over $3 million in NIL profits alone, thus any indication of an injury would be devastating news for him. 

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Livvy made it clear that she had one objective for the remainder of the season  

when a fan commented on her most recent TikTok video, asking about her intentions. 

Olivia Dunne and other athletes perform seemingly incredible feats while secretly battling physical challenges, as her reaction demonstrates. 

This will be the last season for the TikTok star at LSU, but she is hoping to remain healthy enough to help the Tigers win the national championship. 

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