Raiders who won't return under new GM Tom Telesco

The Patriots partnered Jimmy Garoppolo with Josh McDaniels during the summer of 2017.  

That was a foregone conclusion. Injuries forced Garoppolo to sit out the season, and McDaniels was let go in the middle of the year. 

With Antonio Pierce at the helm, this Vegas squad was able to get close to the playoffs. 

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It would be surprising to see Garoppolo back on the team next year, despite his minor involvement in that. 

Garoppolo has the potential to be an integral part of a championship-caliber team's run. 

It was in San Francisco that he did it previously. But when given significantly greater work, he has completely fallen short. 

Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers require a quarterback other than Garoppolo if they are to receive the ball consistently.  

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