Can High Blood Pressure Patients Eat Salt? Experts Speak

Salt adds taste to most regular recipes. Most people associate eating too much salt with hypertension, or high blood pressure, and it's important to understand the link. 

 Clear up any confusion between salt versus sodium before we begin: The normal dinner table salt shaker contains sodium and chloride. Each teaspoon of salt has 2,360 mg of sodium, per USDA.

Sodium consumption is one of the few hypertension risk variables we can manage, unlike age, sex, ethnicity, and genetics.

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 Ricardo de la Villa Pagán, M.D., a cardiologist at Baptist Health South Florida's Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, thinks it's crucial to know what we can control that can affect our health.

120 million American people (almost half of the adult population) and 1.28 billion worldwide have hypertension, according to the CDC and WHO.

 High blood pressure raises the risk of stroke and heart disease, the leading causes of death. 

For my own strawberry treat, I choose to make up my own recipe.  

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