Real vs. fake honey: The matchstick test may surprise you

Artificial honey is smooth and doesn't crystallize or lump like real honey. Natural honey crystallizes, but fake honey stays consistent. Real honey flows slowly or not at all from crystalline jars.

Honey has a white residue on the surface due to a natural process, unlike manufactured products. There are also indicators of honey dissolution.

In water, real honey sinks, whereas counterfeit honey dissolves immediately. Be aware that real honey is pricey. Unfortunately, quality is expensive. 

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Supporting local bee health and hive maintenance suppliers is beneficial.

Honey is only bee-made from plant nectars or honeydew. Thus, while buying real honey, look for a local hive and veterinary number. Avoid "like natural" or "like real" items.

If you're still doubtful about your honey's authenticity, try the matchstick test. My mother-in-law gave me this brilliant strategy, which she has used to avoid deception.

For my own strawberry treat, I choose to make up my own recipe.  

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