State by State: The Top Burger Joints in the USA, Ranked

A perfectly cooked, juicy burger is the best. More than that, there is no shortage of burger joints in America, the land of the burger. 

If you're lost in the vast American burger landscape, we've selected the top burger place in every state to help you find your way. 

Although they don't specialize in them, Kooper's Tavern has the best burgers in the state because to their signature burgers. 

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You can have patties prepared with Angus, wagyu, turkey, bison, or lamb.  

For those who prefer vegetarian or just don't feel like eating meat right now, there's also a black bean patty. 

Two of the four beef patties include unique sauces. 

Enjoy a variety of meats, including those that aren't commonly found at burger establishments, with one of the other burgers on the menu. 

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