Fullness Focus: 7 Satisfying Foods

Fruit in the smoothie contains enough fiber to keep you full, but adding high-protein foods like milk or greek yogurt can prolong the effect.

Although steel-cut oats are healthier, both steel-cut and ready-to-eat oatmeal include dietary fiber that the body cannot break down rapidly, prolonging satiety.

Eggs, a simple but complex meal, can be part of a balanced diet. Eggs are satisfying because they are high in protein, which prolongs satiety.

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Figs' high fiber content fills the stomach and keeps you full longer. At least three figs per day can help you lose weight.

Greek yogurt's thicker texture and high protein content keep you satiated for a long period.

Fiber in beans takes longer to digest than other nutrients. Fiber makes your body feel full, so you eat less throughout the day.

Apples are fiber-rich. They also include glucose to control blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings. An apple a day may help you lose weight.

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