Why Not Cook Raw Chicken From The Fridge

Perfectly cooked chicken is hard to beat. Cooking a juicy chicken breast or the crispiest oven-roasted chicken requires various methods to make it delicious. Many home cooks cook raw chicken straight from the fridge as a mistake.

Leaving your chicken in the kitchen for a few minutes can prevent undercooked food, even though it seems minor compared to seasoning.

Because chicken takes longer to warm up than its exterior, frying it right out of the fridge results in an overdone surface and a meaty within that should not be consumed. 

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Leaving raw poultry on the counter for hours is not recommended. The USDA warns that food left out promotes bacterial development that can cause foodborne illness. 

 However, leaving your chicken out in the open for fewer than 15 minutes as you dry and season it will maximize the odds of delicious, evenly cooked food.

Handle raw chicken properly while warming it in the kitchen before cooking. We recommend leaving it in the container to avoid cross-contamination. 

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