7 Bad Peanut Butter Brands

We only include Trader Joe's because of the salt. Totally unneeded. Start your kids right. After never having salted peanut butter, unsalted tastes fine. 

Go Nuts, Co. Plain Protein + Peanut Butter is on our list for your dog, not you. Even in small concentrations, xylitol is hazardous to dogs. Consider not buying this brand if you have tiny children who may share their bounty with Bowser.

Asterisks denote non-natural peanut butter ingredients. Not kidding. Sugar substitute maltodextrin has a higher glycemic index than sugar!?! Therefore, diabetics must be careful! Peanuts with less fat? They're faking now. 

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Conscientious shoppers avoid palm oil items. Global deforestation is driven by palm oil harvesting. And for what? Palm oil prevents peanut butter from separating for convenience. Salt and sugar are equally unnecessary.

Honey is added to Smooth Operator's ingredients in Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Spread. Same issues, but with honey.

Morning glories, same tale. Chapter three introduces cocoa powder. Cocoa powder raises ethical issues, particularly child labor. 

Get to know them all since one of them may become your first horse!  

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