The National Dish from Every State—And Where to Get It—

The zesty and tangy dish is a hit with both locals and tourists. 

It's named after the Florida Keys, where it is believed to have been originated. 

The dessert at Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe is legendary, yet it's available everywhere in the state. 

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Nobody in the Peach State makes this heavenly medley of luscious peaches encased in a warm layer of batter quite like them. 

Peach cobbler is a Southern favorite, and the classic accompaniment to it is vanilla ice cream. 

Sampling the caramelized rims and the gooey middle of a typical peach cobbler from Mary Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta is a must.  

The poke at Honolulu's Maguro Brothers Hawaii is classic and well regarded. 

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