7 Cat Behavior Changes to Watch

Cats naturally explore. Their curiosity is limitless, from climbing bookshelves to exploring supermarket bags. A healthy cat will be curious about its surroundings, which is good.

Have you wondered why cats lick themselves for hours? They need to groom for health, not just appearance. After a good grooming, cats often purr happily.

See poetry in motion when a cat plays. Playfulness, whether chasing a feather or pursuing a toy mouse, shows a cat's mental health.

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Cats are relaxers, snoozing most of the day. Ancient felines hunted at night since most tiny mammals are nocturnal.

A cat's sudden feeding shift is a red flag. If your once-voracious eater starts hating food or can't get enough, examine.

Watch your cat's bathroom habits. Avoiding or going more often to the litter box may suggest health difficulties.

The saw-scaled viper, sometimes referred to as a "carpet viper," is the most venomous snake in the world 

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