Here's Your Zodiac Sign Animal.

Greeks and Egyptians identified Aries with a ram. Like your sign's archetypal and ruling planet, Mars, the ram symbolizes action, determination, and initiative.

Taurus, you knew you're obstinate. Many civilizations admire and celebrate your alter ego animal's power, strength, and presence, something you probably didn't realize. 

Gemini, you're a Social Butterfly and Chameleon. Butterfly is changeable, lively, and hard to catch, like you. It represents the duality in everything, like your zodiac archetype. 

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Cancer, being a crab goes beyond your mood swings and "crabby" habits. The crab symbolizes time and vulnerability, being intuitive, tenacious, and environmentally protective.

Leo, everyone looks at you when you enter a room. The majestic, charismatic lion symbolizes courage, royalty, and protection. Like it, you persevere against hardships with a positive attitude.

You're busy, Virgo. The zodiac archetype represents your sacred obligation to yourself and Mother Earth. Beers, a divine sign of dedication and teamwork, never sleep, while insects symbolize plenty, fruitfulness, and our communal life supply.

Libra, like the swan, you are beautiful, graceful, and loving. Swans symbolize soul lovers reunion, which is Venusian.

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