Trimming Dog Nails

Every dog's maintenance routine includes nail clipping. If you trim and care for your dog at home, you should know the dos and don'ts. Read on for basic dog nail trimming tips.

You will need a few items to clip your dog's nails yourself instead of taking them to the vet or groomer. The tools and supplies you require depend on whether you trim or grind your nails:

Guillotine or scissors clippers Grinder nails A nail file Styptic powder or cornstarch (to stop bleeding) Positive reinforcement treats

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Light-colored nails or those with a quick (a dog's delicate cuticle containing nerves and blood arteries) are easier to trim. Grab each dog's toe and trim from the nail tip to a few millimeters from the quick with dog nail clippers, grinders, or files.

Dark nails make it harder to spot the quick, so cut them carefully. Trim the nail slowly till it's not floor-length to avoid bleeding.

Pulling the toe away from the paw and following the same length parameters trims your dog's dewclaws. Due to loose skin, these addages are flexible while appearing fragile.

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