Why people like you depends on your zodiac sign.

Bold, flamboyant Fire signs adore the spotlight and are party animals. Their ferocious tempers can surprise you!

Boldness defines Aries, the ram. What do people like about them? Aries' bravery steals the show!

Astrologer Kathy Biehl says: "Aries is self-starting, self-reliant, and brave, ready to take risks and make bold actions. You may be excited and not bored."

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Leos are party masters who love the spotlight. They may be pompous, but their charisma is incredible!

Leos are naturally attractive. Why? Your charisma attracts! You energize everyone just by being near you.

Last fire sign Sagittarius has a tendency for finding the bright side. They're positive and have an infectious smile that others love!

One of the earliest animals that humans domesticated 

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