Why you should worry about tea preparation

Since tea bags may contain toxins and microplastics, the major difference between them and loose-leaf teas is safety.

Most tea bags evaluated in one research were contaminated with lead and aluminum. This study says heavy metals can cause health problems.

Microplastics in tea bags are poorly explored. Most tea bags are nylon or PET. McGill University found that one plastic tea bag releases 11.6 billion microplastics into a cup of tea.

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Microplastics are everywhere and difficult to remove from the environment, making them a major problem. “We don't know if those harm humans or animals.

Chemist Christopher Zangmeister had high confidence that they were there.

Tea bags aren't recyclable or compostable, therefore they wind up in landfills. This is a big waste issue in tea-loving countries like the U.K., where people drink 60 billion cups a year. 

Non-plastic loose tea leaves make a peaceful cup of tea with more nutrients. Tea leaves compost and biodegrade fast and organically into soil nutrients without plastic packaging.

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